Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Yanks Sweep Double-Header

The Good

Mere hours after winning a baseball game, the Yankees headed back onto the frigid tundra of Yankee Stadium and won another. The exhausted gladiators suffered through excruciating cold, barely mustering two runs over nine innings. The Cubs, spirits crushed, now face the vacuum that is the dreaded off-day. Pineda, no longer stained by the biased close ups of probing cameras, delivered six innings of runless baseball.

The Bad

The previous paragraph.

The Ugly

Anyone else notice that Jeter now runs like Jorge Posada circa ever? It's not fun to watch.

One Treat a Day Is Enough

The children had their fill in the afternoon. No more dollars would be forthcoming.

Brett Gardner 1hr = $2
Alfonso Soriano 3hr = $6
Kelly Johnson 3hr = $6
Carlos Beltran 4hr = $8
Dean Anna 1hr = $2
Brian McCann 2hr = $4

Total 14hr = $28

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