Monday, October 11, 2010

The Good Ol' Days

I remember the good ol' days. The smell of the fresh cut grass, pine tar placed expertly by the on deck circle, playing games that really mattered. It seems like a lifetime ago, but it was two days ago. If you're like me, you're already in withdrawal. The Yanks don't play again until Friday. We're still waiting for the rest of these no-talent, unable to sweep their opponent teams to finish their series so we can move on to the League Championships. This sucks. As much as I appreciate that our older guys can use the time off to nap, rant about hippies, and complain that us young'uns don't show them enough respect, this sucks.

As a public service I've decided to give some tips for how we can all manage through the malaise of six days without Yankees baseball. You're probably thinking I should write a game review instead. But I have writer's block right now and that's not going to happen. Besides, you should know by now how it all turned out. Unless, of course, you blinked and missed the entire series (way to put up a fight Minnesota). Just in case, I will give the following quick review: we won.

Now, most of us have jobs or other responsibilities to attend to during the day, so wandering around in a drunken stupor for a week is a no go. You could watch other teams play baseball. This will give you an advantage when yelling at the screen during Yankees' games against those other teams. You'll know the opposing players' names, some of their positions, maybe even some strengths and weaknesses.

Another option is to read a book. It's okay if it has pictures in it, and it will help kill time.

You could also spend inordinate amounts of time on baseball blogs leaving comments regarding your predictions for upcoming series. Granted, you're probably already doing that.

You could try writing the next great American novel. You won't succeed. In fact, you won't even get past the first two pages, but it will kill your week long wait real fast.

Now that you've got some good, nay, great ideas for how to spend the next week, go ahead and get hammered anyway. It's just easier.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestions. Here is my prediction: The Yankees are going to win because they are the Yankees, and I love the Yankees:)

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

That works for me!

Uncle Mike said...

Well, it's not just that the Yankees are the Yankees, it's that the other team is not. Call it the Chevy Chase Theorem if you like.

cheshirecat9 said...

Now that we know the Yanks are going with the four man rotation we can debate about the order. Do we start CC the first game, or line him up with Price/Lee? Personally I say we line up AJ with Price/Lee. If he pitches the perfect game we all know he is capable of, great. If he gives up 7 runs in 2 innings like we expect him to, well at least we won the first game of the series and took home field advantage away from our adversary.

Damn hippies. I need a drink.

Tigs said...

holy crap, are we talking about book recommendations?! I mean, I read the post and I know we're not, and it doesn't have any pictures, but I've got to proselytize about The Intuitionist by Colson Whitehead.
Damn that was a good book--and it was a pretty quick read!