Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yankees in Mix for Garza, Red Sox Land Bailey

Its recently been reported that the Red Sox have traded for Oakland closer Andrew Bailey. In the meantime, rumors have it that Theo Epstein is listening to offers for Matt Garza, and the Red Sox, Yankees and Blue Jays are all in the mix. Garza pitched pretty well for the Rays a couple years back and could be a good pick up, but the Yankees haven't been willing to part with their prospects. With 2 other AL East teams in the mix, I'm sure the asking price will be high. In other news, the Yankees have signed Hideki Okajima to a minor league deal in hopes of having him compete as the left handed specialist. Okajima was very succesful for a number of years with the Red Sox and could be another lightning in the bottle situation for the Yankees. Lastly, A-Rod's knee was operated on by Kobe Bryant in his guest house in Los Angeles. The procedure takes A-Rod's own blood, and injects it into his knee, a process which the human body is incapable of completing itself.


Rich Mahogany said...

The small moves continue, with the Yankees bringing back Andruw Jones.

This is a good move, but surely the Yankees can do something a little bigger too?

Tigs said...

Seriously, medical advice from Kobe Bryant? wtf?
I mean, I know the guy's talent isn't critical judgment, but at this point doesn't he have someone he pays to make non-baseball decisions for him?

Fernando Alejandro said...

Rich, Andruw Jones is all that was in the budget. I think thats it for free agents this year.

Tigs, yeah it is a little odd. I feel like the Yankees pay someone to make these kinds of decisions. A-Rod wouldn't even need to hire someone for that kind of advice!