Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dare I Say There's News?

Sometimes it helps to wait a few days and compile a bunch of updates into one post.  This is especially helpful during spring training.  It was reported last week that Mariano Rivera would retire at the end of this season, which is certainly a shame for the 2014 Yankees.  It's a hard balance for athletes.  The desire to call it quits is often times countered by a love for the game and the life of a baseball player.  That's why players like Pettitte can't stay retired.  Mariano however seems like he has a life outside of baseball.  So I think he will be more like Mussina.  He'll go out with an amazing season, and never look back.  Sad for us, but I'm happy for him. 

Among other Yankee news, the Yankees have signed Ben Francisco to fight for the outfield job.  I have mixed feelings on the signing.  At some point we have to trust in our farm, and a guy like Zoilo Almonte is getting enough good reports to think that he should be given a shot to play while Granderson is out.  The same for Ronnier Mustelier, who could be tried at 3rd base, while switching Youkilis to 1st in the absence of Teixeira.  If the Yankees are serious about the 2014 payroll, why not give these guys some big league experience now, and see if they can perform well enough to be given a starting role next year? 

Cashman recently reached out to a bunch of retired players including Chipper Jones, Scott Rolen, and Derrek Lee to see if they would be interested in coming out of retirement to take on the 3rd base role (See Ronnier Mustelier above).  I guess the Yankees don't feel like they're old enough yet.

Lastly, the competition for catcher was made a little thinner with Austin Romine getting sent to the minors.  He was always a long shot, but he's officially out of the picture, and will be playing in triple A this season. 

Other than that, the World Baseball Classic is in full swing.  Canada and Mexico have already had a brawl, proving that the US serves as a barrier between these two natural enemies.  Italy and the Netherlands have surprised everyone moving into the second round, with the Netherlands knocking out Cuba in the process. 


Rich Mahogany said...

Ben Francisco will have a tremendous impact on the Yankees. The Scranton Yankees.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Scranton Yankees going all the way this year you just watch!

Rich Mahogany said...

Considering the quality of the MLB team, I just might!