Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Down With The King!

The Good

CC Sabathia has been gritting out starts this year, which isn't what you want to see out of your ace, but yesterday, Sabathia was a strange combination of dominating and being largely hittable.  His final line was 6.1 innings with 3 runs (2 earned).  Nothing too exciting.  He gave up 10 hits and 2 walks in that time, which speaks of a pitcher whose pitches weren't fooling anyone.  But then he also struck out 10 batters, which makes it seem like he was unhittable.  It's a paradox.

The Bad

Raul Ibanez hit a homerun against us, and it reminded me how clutch he was for us.  I would be more upset about it if we weren't winning, but we are, so I can't shed too many tears about it....for now.

The Ugly

Austin Romine's 0-4 night has brought his average down to .071, an average last held by Ben Francisco.  Judging by how secure Francisco's job has been, we can only assume Romine's a lock for the near future.

With Wins Come Donations

Unless you don't hit homeruns, which the Yankees could not be bothered to do last night.  No money for the kiddos.

Travis Hafner 6hr = $12
Vernon Wells 9hr = $18
Brett Gardner 3hr = $6
Kevin Youkilis 2hr = $4
Jayson Nix 1hr = $2
Robinson Cano 10hr = $20
Ichiro Suzuki 2hr = $4
Lyle Overbay 6hr = $12
Brennan Boesch 2hr = $4
Francisco Cervelli 3hr = $6
Chris Stewart 2hr = $4
Ben Francisco 1hr = $2

Total 47 hrs = $94

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