Friday, May 10, 2013

Rain Can't Save Rockies

The Good

Our pitching was phenomenal.  Sabathia started the game, but was forced to leave early because of the rain delay.  He left after giving 4.0 innings and 1 run.  He was replaced by a series of relievers: Warren, Logan, Claiborne, Robertson and Mo who locked down the remaining 5 innings not allowing a single run.  Robertson was particularly dominating, recording 3 strikeouts in 1.1 innings, and though Claiborne gave up 3 hits, he managed to get out of the innings unscathed.  This win quietly puts us in first place.

Also good, Cano hit a homerun, reminding us that he's still on the team. 

The Bad

Rain.  It was trying to save the Rockie's all week but all it did is make for wet play, and the Yankees don't like getting wet.  They don't even shower after games, they get dry cleaned.

The Ugly

Dry cleaning a player costs substantially more than showers, which further exacerbates the Yankees revenue issues.  Apparently hibernating through the hot stove season makes fans lose interest.

At Least Now Hafner Can Play Again

Another homerun from Cano will add $2 to the Children's Health Fund coffers.  With Hafner back in the lineup, I'm hoping we'll see much more.

Travis Hafner 6hr = $12
Vernon Wells 7hr = $14
Brett Gardner 3hr = $6
Kevin Youkilis 2hr = $4
Jayson Nix 1hr = $2
Robinson Cano 9hr = $18
Ichiro Suzuki 1hr = $2 
Lyle Overbay 5hr = $10
Brennan Boesch 2hr = $4
Francisco Cervelli 3hr = $6
Chris Stewart 2hr = $4
Ben Francisco 1hr = $2

Total 42 hrs = $84


Rich Mahogany said...

The Yankees' ascent to first place was so quiet, I didn't even know about it until now.

When the season started, if you saw the team's lineup today and knew about all the injuries, what would you guess the team's record would be as of today? Probably not 20-13, and more like 13-20. Aside from the pitching, the team does not look like it should be anywhere near this good.

Russell Martin is tearing the cover off the ball in Pittsburgh. This bothers me, especially now that we are using a third-string catcher as our starter.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Yeah, there's little about this team that would seem to make it work, but then again that's how the Giants won back in 2010. A combination of washed up players, some young stars, a sprinkling of bench players that overperform, and a few good pitchers.

Anonymous said...

I like being in first place, even if it is for a short time, or is it? How long do you think we can keep winning games as the other better teams get hot during the summer months?

Rich Mahogany said...

Fernando, that sounds just like the Yankees, except for the young stars part.

Fernando Alejandro said...

What are you talking about Rich? We got Robinson Cano, and um, you know, that guy who's young and plays baseball for the Yankees....and we also have Vernon Wells playing like he's young again, that counts right?

Anonymous, I think it's going to be tough to stay in first this early in the season. We may battle back and forth through the summer, and then find ourselves there in September. That's what I'm hoping for! The good news is that we should be getting some of our better hitters back as the summer progresses. The bad news is, I don't know that those players will make us better. We finally have hitters who can hit when you need them to. After all, we're in first place with the team we currently have!