Friday, September 27, 2013

Fans Bid Farewell to Mo, Mo Cries about It

The Good

Since the Yankees are out of contention, we can really savor the meaning of this moment. For 19 years we have had the honor and opportunity to watch a giant in the sport of baseball, a sport itself defined by giants. For 19 years, We watched the broken bats and helpless swings and walks back to the dugout we knew would happen the moment the batter stepped into the box. Mo may not have been perfect, but he's been superhuman. Mariano, it's been a privilege.

The Bad

I now have to choose which team to root for in the playoffs. It's a bitter choice, like choosing which child of yours to punch in the face, only the right answer this time isn't 'all of them'. I'm leaning Detroit right now. That city's been through a lot and I've always like Leyland as a manager. Jury's still out though.

The Ugly

They never let Mo get an inning in center field. Racists.

The Children Want Their Money, Don't Make Them Break Your Thumbs

They'll do it too, but the Yankees seem to be asking for it. Stupid. I'm not even going to put the homer total down because that just infuriates the children more.

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Anonymous said...

Mo will be missed. He is not only the best closer in history, but a gentelman as well.