Friday, October 14, 2011

Free Agent Starters

It is no secret that the Yankees need to address their rotation problems this off season. Though many of us fans would like to see our prospects get a chance to win a spot, the fact of the matter is, this is New York, and the big name always wins out. Although, this years free agent market is light in the pitching department there have been some names that keep coming up: C.J. Wilson, Hiroki Kuroda, Mark Buehrle, Edwin Jackson and Yu Darvish. The only one I would really consider out of this group is C.J. Wilson. Wilson's a left hander with post season experience, and has had quite a bit of success since they turned him into a starter 2 seasons ago. At 31, we may end up overpaying for his declining years, but we should get a few productive years and hopefully the Killer B's will be locking down the front end of our rotation in his twilight. The question will be how much would we want to commit to someone like Wilson. Considering the contract we gave to Soriano, I can see us easily overpaying. Kuroda, Buerhle, and Jackson are interesting options, but none of them really stand out. Yu Darvish is another highly touted Japanese player who probably won't live up to the hype, and I blame Ichiro. Ichiro gave us the expectation that every Japanese player had superhero powers. Matsui furthered this notion. Since then all the big names coming from Japan have been decent at best. Mostly they've not been good at all. Igawa, Matsuzaka, Fukudome, Iwamura, Tazawa haven't really been the game changers they were hoped to be.


Rich Mahogany said...

Check out Darvish's stats here.

This guy is darn good, and the posting fee doesn't count against the luxury tax, so we could essentially sign him at a discount. I'm intrigued.

Anonymous said...

Wilson is a good option, but I hope we don't over pay him. Where do you see Phil Hughes? I'm concerned that he might not be what we thought he was. Too many injuries too early in his career.

Rob B said...

I say boycott any Japanese player until this garbage of a posting fee is done away with. I've heard they might want upwards of 60 million for just the opportunity of talking to Darvish. That's over a quarter of the Yankees payroll. And more than the Marlins, Pirates, and NL West combined. (Tangent: who really cares about the NL West anymore? I mean, c'mon, the Diamondbacks won that division for goodness sakes!). Anyhoo, screw Darvish until the Japanese learn about "free agency".

Wilson? I'd approach it like this: Yankee Stadium. Lefty pitcher paradise. Hello? You should pay us for the privilege of playing here. Sign already!