Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Off Season is Upon Us

Yes, I'm well aware that the playoffs are still in process, but for all effective purposes the off season has arrived. How Yankee fans deal with an off season after the Yankees have failed to win a championship goes a little something like this:

1. Start finger pointing and yelling. Find one scapegoat to amass all your hatred against (A-Rod was a past favorite, AJ is a new favorite).

2. Begin making wild trade proposals (IE. AJ Burnett and Pedro Feliciano for Cliff Lee, cash considerations, and a player to be named later).

3. Demand in some sort of online forum that Cashman sign (insert name of biggest free agent here) and that he should be fired if he fails to do so.

4. Repeat steps 1 - 3.

Before we at the RJG begin this process however, we want to celebrate the release of certain contractual obligations that had been a hindrance to the Yankees. First up, Kei Igawa. This years $4 million payment marked the last we would make to our favorite triple A pitcher, and marks the end of a $56 million investment that never paid out. Second, Damaso Marte. He did well for us in helping us win a world series, but his overall value has been diminished as he's seemingly taken up permanent residence on the designated list. That's another $4 million freed up from the payroll. Third, A-Rod made $32 million this season, next season that price will drop to $30 million for a saving of $2 million dollars. Now some may think that a .276 average with 16 homeruns and 62 RBI's is not worth $32 million or even $30 million, but that doesn't take into A-Rod's intangible qualities. Like who else would we hate if A-Rod wasn't on the team? Who else could we boo? $32 million assured us of at least one player we could boo and feel guiltless about. Booing the $900,000 Bartolo Colon? That's just wrong. Booing the $32 million A-Rod? Priceless. Lastly, we will be losing Posada's $13.1 million contract. That is the biggest contract coming off the books, but it comes with much sadness. Posada did not produce this year, and we were forced to come to terms with his humanity. Posada will likely not be back next year, but it doesn't diminish what he's done for this organization, and the many great memories we've had with him in the Bronx. He was a vital part of the dynasty, and helped continue the tradition of Yankee catchers who were also strong clubhouse leaders.

All in all, I am ready for the off season. The Yankees have holes throughout their rotation they need to fill, and CC's impending opt out could be an interesting story over the next couple months.


Rich Mahogany said...

Burnett is safe for now due to his performance in ALDS Game 4. The new scapegoat is Swisher, because nothing makes you more hated as a Yankee than playing badly in multiple postseasons. Teixeira is also a nice target because he makes a lot of money even by Yankee standards, has funny facial expressions and his name is difficult to spell. Also, booing ARod has become passe, even gauche, if you will.

The Yankees know they are probably screwed without CC, so I expect them to lock him up before his opt out becomes a big story. The team used that strategy the first time it signed him, I see no reason that would change now that he has actually outperformed his contract.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I think the Yankees gotta give the rookies a shot. Unless they can pull off a block buster trade for an elite starter, I would suggest they they move forward with Sabathia, Burnett, Hughes and Nova while giving a shot to the Killer B's and Noesi to try to dethrone one of those guys. Maybe throw in a reclamation project in there somewhere. I don't think we should re-sign Freddy, though I'd take back Colon if he's willing to sign for under $1.5 million. I think he'd still be good out of the pen. But I'm really hoping there's a trade that can be made somewhere. Even if its a solid 3 starter, it'd be promising.

The hatred towards Swisher is funny. He's a cost-controlled player who's still young, and swings a good bat despite his post-season struggles. Him you keep. I've been tempted to hate on Teixeira who actually did worse than Swisher in the ALDS. But truth be told, unless you're name was Robinson Cano, you didn't hit very well in that series. The losing was a team effort.

Rich Mahogany said...

Agreed, chasing a FA starter almost always backfires.