Friday, January 27, 2012

Its Time to Give Him a Shot

So the Yankees are looking for a DH, but do not want to spend money on one. Instead, Cashman would prefer to trade some of his excess pitching for an extra bat. Now, we absolutely could do that, or we could finally give Jorge Vazquez a shot in the bigs. I know the Yankees don't believe he can do what he did in the minors at the big league level, but that being said, he hit very well at the minor league level. Vazquez hit .262 with 32 homeruns and 93 RBI's in 455 at bats in Scranton. That should at least merit a major league 30-day free trial in the month of April. The amazing thing about prospects is that you can send them back where they came from if they don't work out. This doesn't address the problem of excess pitching. Right now our rotation pieces include Sabathia, Burnett, Nova, Kuroda, Hughes, Pineda, Garcia with the killer B's waiting in the wings. Burnett and Hughes will probably be the first to be considered for the bullpen. Hughes more than Burnett since the Yankees consider $16.5 million for a reliever not named Rafael Soriano to be a bit much. But truth be told, excess pitching has a way of solving itself. Injuries happen, inconsistancy happens, and suddenly your 7 starters a trimmed down to 5.


Anonymous said...

I would love to have someone named Jorge in the lineup. That way, the fans can still say during games: He, he, Jorge! I'm missing Posada already. :(

Fernando Alejandro said...

Unfortunately, I don't think this Jorge will hit like the other.