Friday, August 2, 2013

Alright MLB, Enough Is Enough

Monday? Really? Alright MLB, enough is enough. First the suspensions were going to be released right after the All-Star Game. Then it was going to be by the end of every week in July since the All-Star Game. Finally, we were going to hear about these suspensions today. But no, now we're being told we must wait until Monday.

MLB, you are starting to look both weak and ridiculous. Constantly leaking information to the media, threatening a lifetime ban via Buster Posey or whoever the hell you spoke to in the last five minutes, and then backing down every single time you got to a deadline you yourself arbitrarily set? Come on.

I'm actually starting to root for A-Rod. I kind of hope he takes you before an arbitrator and wins, because at this point what you are doing feels more like bullying and empty talk rather than conviction about cleaning up the game.

You think A-Rod deserves a lifetime ban? Then ban him. Otherwise, STFU and go home. This show is getting old.

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Rich Mahogany said...

When MLB is arbitrary and hypocritical, and the players are dishonest and corrupt, who's left to root for?

You'll get a brand new show when MLB finally does whatever it's going to do. There will be lots of hand-wringing over whether what MLB did was too severe or not enough.