Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Double Header Leads to Double Victories

The Good

Don't look now, but the Yankees are playing well!  In the first game Nova wasn't exactly great, but two three-run homeruns from Cano and Chris Stewart of all people, helped put the Yankees ahead.  But the Yankees wouldn't stop there, no, they tacked on a couple extra runs for good measure.  Then we had a walk off hit by Jayson Nix in the second game of the double header, only a couple innings after he had hit a homerun.  Hughes put up 6 innings of 2-run ball, which is definitely a highlight.

The Bad

Rivera had to pitch in both games of the double header, which is just mean.

The Ugly

After months of grinding losses, and incessant mediocrity, the Yankees are finally giving us an exciting team.  It makes me wonder what I could have done with all that time lost following awful baseball.  I could have learned a new language.  I wouldn't have, but I could have, and that's what really matters. 

Backup Bombers

Sure, Cano hit a homerun, but he does that fairly often, it was Chris Stewart and Jayson Nix who had the surprising pops.  That $6 for the kids.

Travis Hafner 12hr = $24
Vernon Wells 11hr = $22
Brett Gardner 8hr = $16
Kevin Youkilis 2hr = $4
Jayson Nix 3hr = $6
Robinson Cano 23hr = $46
Ichiro Suzuki 6hr = $12
Lyle Overbay 13hr = $26
Brennan Boesch 3hr = $6
Francisco Cervelli 3hr = $6
Chris Stewart 4hr = $8
Ben Francisco 1hr = $2
David Adams 2hr = $4
Curtis Granderson 3hr = $6
Mark Teixeira 3hr = $6
Zoilo Almonte 1hr = $2
Derek Jeter 1hr = $2
Alfonso Soriano 8hr = $16
Austin Romine 1hr = $2
Eduardo Nunez 1hr = $2
Alex Rodriguez 2hr = $4
Mark Reynolds 1hr = $2

Total 112 hrs = $224

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