Thursday, October 24, 2013

Game 1 of World Series Pretty Awful for St. Louis

I don't know how many Yankee fans out there are following the world series, but last night's game proved to be surprisingly uncompetitive.  I am not so surprised that Boston won.  Lester was starting in Fenway, so the advantage lay with them.  What I am surprised about is just how awful St. Louis played.  The one thing I placed in St. Louis' favor going into this series was that they were a team who has been to the world series before, has a core group of veterans, and they wouldn't be intimidated playing Boston.  My assessment appeared to be entirely wrong, as they looked like they were playing scared all game.  Stupid errors, bad pitching, and worse hitting led them to an 8-1 loss.  But that wasn't even the worse news of that game for St. Louis.  Losing Beltran, the only player who seems capable of driving in runs when needed, came out of the game after running into the wall while robbing a homerun.  Whether or not he plays will be a game time decision, but an achy rib cage could very well effect that swing of his.  The Cardinals better stop acting star struck if they hope to avert another 2004 style sweep at the hands of Boston.  Pull it together Cardinals!


Anonymous said...

And pull it together they have! What a game last night.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Tough game coming tonight. Cardinals have the right guy on the mound, but facing elimination with 2 games left to play in Fenway is going to be a real challenge.