Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hot Stove Coming Real Soon

Tonight or tomorrow, the world series will come to a close, and then will come the best time in baseball: the hot stove season.  It's a time of dreams, where your team can become anything you imagine it to be.  Every free agent is a possibility, every trade a reasonable proposition, and every international signing the second coming of an iconic player.  It's a beautiful time indeed, and there will be non-stop rampant speculation about the Yankees.  There will be long periods of quiet, followed by intense periods of activity.  Things we have to look forward to:

-The Yankees figuring things out with Cano.
-A-Rod's arbitration case, followed by his law suit against major league baseball.
-Jeter picking up his option.
-Yankees figuring out whether they can bring in McCann, and Beltran.
-Yankees seeing if Kuroda's going to retire.
-Yankees bidding on Japanese pitcher Tanaka.
-Other free agent signings, scrap heap pick ups, bullpen acquisitions and minor league deals.
-Vernon Wells getting sent elsewhere.

So hold tight, the hot stove season is a-coming!

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