Friday, June 6, 2014

Pardon the Delay!

The Good

So we've been out of the loop for a few weeks now.  Life has been increasingly busy, and time is on short order.  You see, as a result of the rebound from the financial crisis, we now have jobs.  Being employed totally takes time away from watching baseball and blogging about them.

Yesterday, Tanaka pitched a winner, continuing a trend of giving the team the only chance to win once every five games.  Gardner hit a homerun, and Soriano had a couple hits, and an RBI effectively doubling his season totals.

The Bad

We have one hitter in our lineup hitting above .300 and that's Ichiro.  What happened?

The Ugly

Robertson recorded a save, but he also has an ERA above 4.  Betances on the other hand has a 1.54 ERA and has been pretty consistent.  Perhaps Robertson will have some competition in the very near future?

Homeruns a Boon for Children's Health Fund

Because we haven't updated homeruns in a while, it appears there's a lot of catching up to do.  Yesterday, Gardner hit the only Yankee homerun, but since we last updated there were about 3 homeruns from other players.  Turns out we haven't really been crushing the ball.

Brett Gardner 4hr = $8
Alfonso Soriano 6hr = $12
Kelly Johnson 4hr = $8
Carlos Beltran 5hr = $10
Dean Anna 1hr = $2
Brian McCann 7hr = $14
Yangervis Solarte 6hr = $12
Mark Teixeira 10hr = $20
John Ryan Murphy 1hr = $2
Jacoby Ellsubry 3hr = $6
Brian Roberts 2hr = $4
Derek Jeter 1hr = $2
Zoilo Almonte 1hr = $2

Total 51hr = $102 


Rob B said...

In response to you mentioning he is the only one hitting above .300, Ichiro decided to go 0-3 (thusfar) against the Royals, dropping his average to .299. Thanks RJG! Now there is nobody hitting above .300!

Unless you count Ryan and Murphy.

Rob B said...

Oops, I guess I should have waited until the game was over. Ichiro singles in his 4th AB to get back over .300.

I guess RJG wasn't the jinx I thought you to be.

Fernando Alejandro said...

It's okay Rob B, we still have the rest of the season to see if we jinxed Ichiro!