Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gold Gloves and Silver Bats

Cano and Granderson won silver slugger awards, while no Yankee was picked for a gold glove. Its not surprising that we didn't win any gold gloves. For the most part we played very good defense, but we weren't a web gem team. Granderson and Gardner were probably our best defenders, but centerfield is a defensively rich position, and the left field award was won by a converted third baseman who recorded 20 outfield assists. Its tough to beat that.

Now with these announcements out of the way, the question is what is going on with the players union negotiation? As far as I can see, slotting continues to be the biggest hold up, and it really shouldn't be. Slotting seems like a reasonable request in a sport with no salary cap. Owners look greedy when they want a salary cap, but the slotting issue makes the players look greedy. In the interest of the game, these negotiation should come to a resolution soon so we can focus on what really matters: the hot stove season.

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Anonymous said...

why not Wilson?