Monday, November 21, 2011

The New CBA

Reports indicate that the new CBA is more or less done, and will likely include HGH blood testing. This is bad news for Yankee fans, who are counting on a big 2012 from Alex Rodriguez. Well, we can forget about it now. At least MLB hasn't banned the stem cell therapy Bartolo Colon got last year, even if the Federal government has. Maybe A-Rod should look into that. The CBA also includes a litany of items nobody gives a $#!% about but apparently took a while to negotiate. I guess nobody could bring themselves to care enough to settle the matters. These include things like amateur draft compensation, free agent signing compensation, and international free agent compensation. You might be saying to yourself that these are important matters. They affect competitive balance and we hate losing draft picks for signing Rafael Soriano to an ill-advised contract. But if you can name a draft pick from the previous two seasons for any team whose last name isn't Bichette, Strasburg, or Harper, you need to close all the adult entertainment tabs surrounding RJG in your browser, then go ahead and close RJG too, and go outside. Seriously. Go outside. 20 minutes. That's all I'm asking. It's for your own good. Seriously.

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Rich Mahogany said...

The new CBA eliminates draft pick compensation for signing FA relievers. So we can overpay for a veteran reliever every year and never lose a pick! I'm thrilled.