Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Off Season Plan In Full Swing

CC Sabathia signed an extension which puts him at 5 years, $122 million for the rest of his time in pinstripes, and this of course locks down the most glaring need of the Yankees off season. However, the Yankees rebuilding plan for this off season goes as follows:

Step 1: Sign Sabathia.

Step 2: ?

This is an odd year for the Yankees since where they have needs, there isn't really a market to replenish, and where the Yankees are not looking to fill holes, that's what the market is supplying in abundance. The Yankees need pitching, but they aren't too high on CJ Wilson, and Yu Darvish seems like he'll be too pricey. Those are the top players available. The Yankees aren't looking for a bat, yet Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder are hitting the market, and they both carry big bats. The Yankees have to hope either for a trade, or for some rookies to grow this year. I'm all for having some of the up and coming pitchers compete for a spot, but if that's the tactic for this year its going to be a long winter.

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