Sunday, June 30, 2013

Yankees Continue to Keep Their Fans Disinterested

The Good

Since our last post, that Yankees have managed to drop two consecutive series, first to the Rangers and now to Baltimore. This has helped their fan base completely disengage, a process that began when our opening day roster consisted of Robinson Cano and a series of strangers we'd never seen or heard of before. The Yankees understand that they have a passionate fan base. Too passionate. Their continued effort to help us disengage is for our own emotional health and well-being; and it's working. I took a walk yesterday. On purpose.

The Bad

Chris Davis has 30 home runs as of June 29th. That's bad. Not in a negative way, but in a good way. Like when we say Nasty Nas, it's not because Nas is offensive to the palate but because he's really good at rapping. Bad in that way.

The Ugly

Phelps gave up 9 earned runs in 2.1 innings. Phelps gave them up, like he got mugged for runs and he wasn't trying to fight back but just gave 'em up. That's ugly. The Baltimore Police Department was notified of the robbery and is investigating.

Since Our Last Post . . .

. . . We've hit 6 home runs. I'll let my brother update the totals because it's time for my walk.

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