Friday, September 17, 2010

Granderson, Take Caution!

Recently, we at the RJG have been reporting on a shocking New York Times report that more people in New York have been getting robbed by criminals wearing Yankee caps. In a recent interview, Granderson had this interesting quote:

"There's more people wearing the 'NY' stuff than I expected, just on a day-to-day basis...You see the Yankees hats, but just the amount of people who wear it and know about the team -- that's a little bit more than I expected."
However, any one of those "NY" hat wearing citizens could be violent criminals out to mug him at the drop of an interlocked NY hat. The truly concerning piece is that I don't know that Granderson realizes the danger. As he said:

"I'll be walking down the street and all of a sudden, a random person 100 feet away will yell out, 'Curtis!' and I'll have no clue how he could recognize me."

Run Granderson! Its not safe! Unless they're wearing a Mets hat, then they probably just need a hug.


Anonymous said...

Between wasps and hats, so much to think about. Someone should write a book about all these.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Its in the works, the forward is written by Mike Lupica.