Monday, September 6, 2010

It Starts Today

Its official, Derek Jeter begins his September tear today at 1:05pm. After another dissapointing game where he went 0-4, bringing his average down to .264 on the season, Derek Jeter is ready for his break out. Yes, I know we've been waiting for it all season, and yes, he has been a particular brand of horrible this year. But today, with an opposite field hit, the subtle awfulness will end, and the Derek Jeter we all know will come roaring back into the picture.

It really is hard seeing your favorite players age. We've been spoiled with players like Mariano Rivera who are able to buck the trend, but shortstop is a tough position, and unless your name is Omar Vizquel, playing there into your 40's is unlikely. We'll have to face that with Jorge Posada at some point, and maybe even Mariano, but right now we're facing it with Jeter. I remember in 2008, he was also struggling going into September. The whole team was. Only he picked it up over the last 4 weeks and ended with a .300 batting average. I remember there being talks of Jeter entering his decline and what not, only to see him have an amazing season in 2009. At the end of this season, Jeter enters what will likely be his final contract as a baseball player. That he will remain a Yankee is known, but how much the Yankees will pay and for how many years is not. Lets all hope that he begins his tear today and continues it over the next few years. Its all we really can do.


Dylan Murphy said...

I hate these awkward situations when aging stars need to move on, but we don't want them to because they've brought so much to the franchise. Maybe slide him over the 3rd?

Anonymous said...

Oh! Nice post.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Yeah that's a good question, where do you put him. Left field, and DH are the most available ending places for Jeter. Though this year, I haven't found his defense to be bad...just his hitting. Its like after years of outperforming at his position, he's finally hitting like a typical shortstop would.

Thanks anonymous!