Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Should We Be Concerned?

The Good

I don't know anymore. Lance Berkman went 3-4 which is good I guess.

The Bad

I don't doubt that Sabathia will get his 20th win, but that he got rocked so bad by the Baltimore Orioles definitely falls in the bad category. 5 runs over 6.1 innings? Did Vazquez put on a Sabathia costume and pitch in his place?

The Ugly

No, seriously, we just lost the series with the Orioles. Is this all the Yankees can muster with the smell of October in the air?

Bronx Bombers Not in the Bronx

Which may explain their apparent inability to hit bombs. No homeruns yesterday, and no money for the babies. I would send them to their rooms to think about what they did, but they all have luxury suites with 70 inch plasma's, butlers, and marble floors and jacuzzi's. I don't think they'll learn their lesson.

Posada 17hr = $34
Granderson 17hr = $34
Cano 26hr = $52
Swisher 25hr = $50
Jeter 10hr = $20
Johnson 2hr = $4
Rodriguez 22hr = $44
Teixeira 30hr = $60
Thames 11hr = $22
Gardner 5hr = $10
Winn 1hr = $2
Miranda 3hr = $6
Curtis 1hr = $2
Kearns 2hr = $4
Nunez 1hr = $2
Total = $346


Uncle Mike said...

I don't think that was Vazquez. Not unless he put on a lot of padding and was throwing lefthanded.

Why not, throwing righthanded doesn't seem to be helping him.

Fernando Alejandro said...

I agree. Vazquez should be opened to trying new approaches to pitching. Throwing left handed, though unorthodox, could be the thing that turns him around.