Monday, February 21, 2011

Hank Hates Mansions

Hank Steinbrenner, who I assume will shortly no longer be allowed to speak to the media, has called out his team for being too busy building mansions last year to bother winning a World Series. Of course, only one player was building a mansion in 2010, the offensively challenged Derek Jeter.

"Look it's one thing to build a publicly financed stadium with more luxury boxes, less seats for the public, and a moat around a special section of seats behind home plate. But when you're building a mansion, during the season, that's unacceptable", explained Hank.

When RJG caught up with Jeter, he was surprisingly gracious about Hank's apparent shot across the bow.

"Look, building a house is distracting. Sometimes you're up at the plate and all you can think of is whether you should've gone with platinum embossed bathroom fixtures instead of gold. Maybe you should've built a higher fence. Maybe the lighting in the memorabilia room won't be ideal. It's very hard to play baseball and build a house. I'm still not in love with those curtain rods."

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