Monday, February 28, 2011

Ivan Nova Impresses

While things are still way too early to tell, Ivan Nova took a good first step this spring training pitching 2 scoreless innings inducing 4 groundballs and 2 strikeouts. I say its a good first step, but its smart to remain skeptical. It is the first outing after all and hitters are still getting used to how heavy the bat feels, while pitchers are still trying to remember which one their glove hand is. There's also the simple fact that Nova never had a problem getting through the first few innings. It was always the second time through the lineup that he ran into trouble. But that being said, it was an encouraging outing, and since we have suspect rotation pieces, its a good sign early in the spring. Unlike this ice rain we're having up north, which has found its way through my hatchway and into my basement giving me the in-door swimming pool I've always dreamed off.

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