Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rock it Don't Shock it

Today spring training really starts, and this spring training opens up with a lot of questions that direct competition will have to sort out. Who will back up Russell Martin as the catcher? Who will round out the back end of our rotation? Who will end up in our bullpen? What about our bench? But the most intriguing question of all is who will Cashman bring in? Cashman mentioned yesterday that if there is a deal to be made he's ready to rock and roll. However, he meant it literally. If a starting pitcher becomes available Cashman will go back on tour with his garage band named B. Cash's Budget Smashers! Although some fans are excited for the bands reunion, I'm more intrigued by the slim options. Names the Yankees have been tied to include Scott Kazmir and Francisco Liriano in the trade market, and Kevin Millwood in the free agent market. I still think Liriano is the best option, though Kazmir could be that ever elusive lightning in a bottle. Millwood might work out as he's one year removed from a respectable line in the AL (3.67 ERA in 31 game starts for Texas in 2009). But that smell in the air is the smell of opportunity, unless you're in Newark in which case you're smelling something else, but down in Florida, anything can happen.

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