Thursday, February 10, 2011

Vizcaino's Contract Voided

The Yankees have reportedly voided releiver Luis Vizcaino's minor league contract after he injured his achilles playing winter ball. Aparently while storming the walls of Troy, he was struck by an arrow guided by the greek sun god Apollo who Vizcaino had insulted when he chopped off the head of a statue bearing his image. He then spray painted large eye brows on the Apollo head, and later put a Grocho Marx mask on it and a cigarette in its lips. This final act didn't sit well with Apollo who gave up smoking years ago. Its bad for you. So anyways, the big news is that Vizcaino's contract with the Yankees has been voided, though the even bigger news is that we had ever signed him in the first place. When asked about the voiding Brian Cashman had this insight: "When did we sign Vizcaino?" Indeed.

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