Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Assume They Were Eating Fried Chicken in the Clubhouse

The Good

Derek Jeter got a day off, so I can only assume he got some well-deserved rest.

The Bad

The Yankees have packed it in, there is no other way to explain the last two games. The bullpen staff stopped even trying to maintain their health weeks ago. The hitters have shown up, but not generally on the same day, so they've clearly worked out some sort of work-share program.

The Ugly

I can't help but think that there's a weird racial element to the way the Red Sox's collapse at the end of last season has been portrayed. I mean, I get that pitchers should be on the bench during games, not hanging out in the clubhouse not giving a $#!%, but why does it matter that they were eating fried chicken? Why is that such a prominently reported aspect of this collapse? Would it make a difference if they'd been not giving a $#!% but eating filet mignon? Is it just that the food is unhealthy? In a sport historically known for fat pitchers and chewing tobacco? This has been bothering me lately and I can't help but think that the strange fixation on the fried chicken detail has some underlying racial element (especially since this fried chicken detail has been cited so prominently against a team in Boston). Damn. Now you have to think about something other than the Yankees' depressing play of late. You're welcome.

How'd We Score that Single Run?

Not on a home run. Deal with it.

Raul Ibanez 7hr = $14
Nick Swisher 7hr = $14
Andruw Jones 4hr = $8
Derek Jeter 5hr = $10
Curtis Granderson 13hr = $26
Alex Rodriguez 5hr = $10
Robinson Cano 3hr = $6
Mark Teixeira 5hr = $10
Eric Chavez 3hr = $6
Russell Martin 3hr = $6
Jayson Nix 1hr = $2

Total 56hr = $112


Anonymous said...

We suck right now! :\

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

We do, there's no way around that. Well, playing better would be a way around that, but otherwise, there's no way around that. I think it's time we all moved on to the final stage of grief, acceptance (followed by spurts of violent anger).

Steve said...

Maybe if they had been eating Chowda (New England Clam Chowder to the rest of the country)the people of Boston may not have cared as much. After all except for two unexplained glitches in the baseball universe the Red Sox fans are used to that sinking feeling at the end of the season. By the way, with all the thought put into this comment I can't recall if the Yankees played last night, thank you.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

You're welcome. Though, even if we concede that there was a game last night, I'm not sure I can argue that the Yankees played last night, so I can't take too much credit.

Rich Mahogany said...

I think all those writers were just jealous that they didn't get invited to the fried chicken party. Drinking beer and eating fried chicken in your team's clubhouse with some of the star players sounds like an awesome time. I know when I didn't get invited to the good parties in high school, college, law school, and prison, I worked relentlessly to ruin the reputations of everyone involved.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

Fried chicken means something else in prison, so you probably dodged a bullet on that one.