Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Yanks Defeat Rays Behind Nova

The Good

Nova gave us 7 innings of two-run ball. Ibanez and Granderson combined for three home runs. David Robertson pitched a scoreless ninth in which he faced every Rays batter on their 40-man.

The Bad

Mark Teixeira hit an RBI double in the 8th, which is good for us but, based on how Mark's been hitting against the shift and in general, is pretty embarassing for Peralta and Maddon, who brought Peralta in specifically to face Teixeira.

The Ugly

During the MLB Network broadcast of last night's game, they kept cutting to highlights and updates of Josh Hamilton's night. Every time some YES Network field reporter was about to tell us something we didn't need to know MLBN cut him off to tell us something we could find out later. To say the least, it was annoying. To say the most, I hate you MLBN, I hate you!

I'm Not That Impressed by Hamilton's Night

That's right, I'm not. Josh Hamilton is a power hitter in his prime facing a pitcher who probably isn't old enough to shave, like the rest of the O's roster. Raul Ibanez hit two home runs last night, making him the oldest player ever to hit two home runs last night. That's way more impressive. He also made $4 for the kiddos. Combined with Curtis Granderson's $2 contribution, the kids now have $6 more.

Raul Ibanez 5hr = $10
Nick Swisher 7hr = $14
Andruw Jones 3hr = $6
Derek Jeter 5hr = $10
Curtis Granderson 10hr = $20
Alex Rodriguez 5hr = $10
Robinson Cano 2hr = $4
Mark Teixeira 4hr = $8
Eric Chavez 3hr = $6
Russell Martin 3hr = $6

Total 47hr = $94


Rob B said...

If Hamilton's HRs don't make anything for the babies, can they really be called HRs?

Fernando Alejandro said...

They're still homeruns, but more like batting practice homeruns. They look cool, but mean absolutely nothing.