Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trade Deadline Anyone?

The Yankees find themselves in an interesting spot.  They're first in the division by 7 games, which is great, but they've recently lost Andy Pettitte who was a stabilizing force in the rotation, and even Sabathia has been hobbled of late.  The Yankees have stated that Pettitte could be back by the end of August at the earliest, but I'd be surprised if anyone could come back from a fractured ankle that quickly.  A lot of force comes down on that ankle with each pitch, and 100 pitches a game is the expectation.  So as the season progresses, the question becomes, do we trade for a pitcher to replace Pettitte, or do we stay put and try to mash our way to the next championship?


Rich Mahogany said...

I think they should tough it out.

Rich Mahogany said...

I was going to explain my comment, but now I can't focus on baseball. The U.S. Olympic Team's creepy opening ceremonies uniforms were made in China. This is an explosive report that will change the way we think about sports forever.

We should take a moment to consider what really matters in this world, besides pitching and offense.

Also there was some kind of story about Penn State but and Harry Reid say the Olympics thing is more important so I didn't read it.

Anonymous said...

We are doing fine right now and we'll have CC back tonight. In other news, what a blast from Ibanez last night!

Fernando Alejandro said...

Yes it was! If I wasn't so swamped I'd write about it in an official RJG post! But for now I'm limited in time :(