Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is This a Collapse?

Why do people keep talking about a collapse? Yes, the Yankees once held a 10 game division lead. In July. Last year, the Red Sox collapsed. They held a 17 game lead, in September. We call that a collapse because it is mathematically impossible to not win the division when you have a 17 game lead in September.

The Yankees had a three game lead (I believe) on September 1st. If they don't win the division, that is not a collapse. They simply lost a pennant race. That happens. But losing a pennant race in and of itself does not make a collapse, especially when 90% of your team is in triage (#inappropriatemedicalhyperbole).

Now, I know we New York fans expect a World Series every year. But can we please stop talking about a collapse? That's just stupid. It makes us look stupid, like we don't know what 'collapse' means but keep using the word in everyday conversations in contexts where it doesn't apply.

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