Saturday, January 8, 2011

Missing: Relevant News

The one impressive piece of this off season is just how masterfully beat writers have recycled the same 3 story lines for the better part of a month. Those 3 stories are Jorge's successor, the incomplete rotation, and the bullpen. Between the three countless pages have been written, but with the exception of the bullpen, these stories have not really evolved. Nothing has changed with the rotation, nothing has changed with who will replace Posada, and nothing major has really changed with the bullpen, we just keep signing guys we may only see pitch a handful of innings each this year. I'm hoping Brian Cashman made a new years resolution to bring us a pitcher. With Lee going to the Phillies, Grienke going to the Brewers, Garza going to the Cubs, and Pettitte likely to retire, the Yankees may be heading into the season with Ivan Nova and Sergio Mitre rounding out their rotation.

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