Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yankees Avoid Arbitration

The Yankees have signed Hughes, Chamberlain and Logan to new deals without them going to arbitration. Hughes will get $2.7 million (thus the benefits of building your own starters within your system), while Chamberlain will get $1.4 million and Logan $1.2 million. It gets me thinking that if you can nail your first million in baseball, you may not be set for life, but you could get pretty far. With a cool million you could buy a rather nice house, two rather nice cars, and not even have spent half of your money. With the mortgage and car payments taken care of, you're left not paying what normally takes up half of peoples monthly income. I have a feeling that with a frugal approach you can make the remaining half a million last some time. But of course I wouldn't know since I've never made a million in baseball, or anywhere else for that matter. I just needed to write something that wasn't about Rafael Soriano, and that's about all I could come up with. Sorry everyone, they can't all be winners.


Anonymous said...

Distain is not even the word I wanna use!
This is Evelyn by the way! LOL Im not that excited about this season and Its gonna be painful to hear about to :C

Fernando Alejandro said...

I hear you. Not yet anyways. I guess we should wait for some games to get played. Maybe Sergio Mitre and Ivan Nova will surprise us. I doubt it, but it could happen.

Rob B said...

I predict that if Sergio Mitre ends up being in the rotation that he will DEFINITELY have a better season than Javier Vazquez did last year.

Not like that would be hard to do.

But I'm still holding out hope that Andy P comes back for one more year.