Thursday, January 27, 2011

O Brother Where Art Thou?

If the in-pouring of emails is any indication, many are wondering, nay, concerned about the whereabout of my brother and co-RJG author Roberto Alejandro. Rumors have abounded including one scenario that had Lady Gaga finally catching up with him and killing him with a peace pipe. Not sure where that one came from, but I can assure you all its not true. Roberto Alejandro is just fine, though he is working undercover as an intern for the Yankees trying to uncover any kind of intel he can about the Yankees plans. The last wire from him said he was uncovering so crazy things, but could not expand on it now. He did leave us with this exchange dated from Wednesday of last week:

Hal Steinbrenner: "We got Soriano! Championship 28 is now ours!"

Brian Cashman: "No, we're pretty screwed this year. Thanks for your sound judgment in procuring us a releiver when we need a starter."

Randy Levine: "But we have the best bullpen in baseball! Championship 28 is ours!"

Brian Cashman: "Bullpens don't win championships."

Randy Levine: "That's your opinion."


Anonymous said...

Can he help them find a pitcher?

Fernando Alejandro said...

I don't think anyone can. I was hoping that Cashman would pull off a miracle deal here, but I think there's really no pitchers available. The Lee deal falling through really crippled our off season plans. I hope we snatch up Duchscherer, but that's probably the best we can do right now.