Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Plea For Something

There is nothing to write about. Nothing. The biggest news in the Yankees Universe is that Joakim Soria would accept a trade to New York. The news is not that the Yankees are pursuing such a trade, but that Soria would accept a trade. Essentially this is a non story. But since there are actually no stories, it becomes a story. It seems every team in our division has done something except us. Sure we signed Jeter and Mo, but that amounts to status quo. We've tried to do stuff, but haven't actually done anything. All the holidays are over now, so we better get some movement. Can we at least fire a coach or something? An interview process would at least tide us over for a bit. How about negotiate an extension with someone? Maybe a Hughes or a Joba? Nothing major, just something to talk about. Please. Anything.

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