Tuesday, January 4, 2011

RJG Quotes of Memory

Over the years the RJG blog has been known for its spectacular reporting of facts and for writing the reports the newspapers are too afraid to cover. I for one am an admirer of my brother and co-RJG author's work on this blog. Some of the best articles over the last year have been written by him, with some hard hitting lines. Here are some of my favorite quotes from some of my brother's previous work:

"Remember that you can have fun without alcohol. But it's lame fun, like doing puzzles and $#!%."
-Words of Wisdom from the 2008 Yankees.

"Apparently he had lied in his resume, where he claimed to be an expert in alchemy. When all was said and done, he just couldn't take the $#!% the Os gave him and turn it into gold, so he was let go."
-About the reason Dave Trembley lost his job managing the Orioles.

"Besides, we at the RJG were raised by wolves, and wolves don't celebrate Thanksgiving. They can eat turkey whenever the hell they want, so bladow!"
-RJG's Thanksgiving Post.

'I kicked the tire on you, b**ch!'
-Fan to Roy Halladay.

Truly brilliant work. Now we return to your regularly scheduled off-season malaise.

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