Wednesday, January 30, 2013

More on the PED's

For those who have not seen it, there is an article available on the Miami New Times that outlines alleged PED use by a number of major league players including A-Rod.  Yesterday, I posted some initial thoughts on the matter, but I learned some new information that is relevant to the situation.  According to this article, MLB can in fact suspend a player without a failed drug test so long as they can get documentary evidence (a sword affidavit, or a prescription from a doctor for a banned substance).  A-Rod has issued a statement denying all claims, and has hired a lawyer to help him uphold his innocence.  The evidence is still pretty weak.  It consists of hand-written sales notes by PED-pusher Anthony Bosch, and some excel spreadsheets with records of sales transactions that include a nickname for the person he sold to, and their real names.  A-Rod's nickname was Cacique.  As someone who works frequently with excel, I wonder why he bothered to add a column of their nicknames if he had their real names listed as well, but I'll have to chalk that up to the list of things I don't understand about the PED world.

The Yankees may look into voiding A-Rod's contract, but it looks unlikely that they would be able to accomplish that.  My brother thought we should just DFA him, but we still owe a ton of cash.  We'll just have to wait and see what comes of MLB's investigation and what the Yankees do with it.

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What a way to begin spring training...