Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Soriano Goes to Nationals

Rafael Soriano has been signed to close for the Washington Nationals.  Soriano signed for 2 years and $28 million, or $14 million per season.  $14 million was exactly what the Yankees were planning on paying him next season before he opted out, but Soriano was smart.  His opt out paid him $1.5 million from the Yankees, and then his two year contract gets him the $14 million he would have earned in 2013 and extends it into 2014.  His $14 million makes him the highest paid closer in baseball right now, and second all time behind Mariano Rivera's $15 million a year deal.  Would anyone have picked Soriano to be the second highest paid closer in the history of baseball two years ago?  I wish him the best but good riddance.  What a waste of money that signing has been.  Even with what he did for the team last year, he was never worth the contract the Yankees paid him.


Anonymous said...

I wonder about Mariano. Will he be able to report to spring tranning?

Fernando Alejandro said...

As far as I've heard, I think Mariano is good. Here's hoping there isn't any residual issues with that knee that effects his cutter.