Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Well That Didn't Take Long

It would appear that our favorite third baseman since Aaron Boone, a sir Alex Rodriguez, has once again been linked to PED use.  This recent report records A-Rod purchasing PED's as recent as last year, and MLB has stated that they will be actively investigating this recent revelation.  Now most of the evidence appears to be notes made in a personal notebook, that says things like: "A-Rod buying $4000 worth of PED's from me today.  Remember to bring home cat food."  This isn't the kind of hard evidence that wins cases.  I mean, I write tons of stuff in notebooks, it doesn't mean any of it is true.  According to my elementary school era math notes, 3 + 3 = picture of dragon eating a person.  Unfortunately, my theory of mathematics was proven false by evidence that 3 + 3 really equals 6.  My math career was stopped dead in its tracks.  So we'll see just how far this evidence goes.  It does bring up the question of why anyone who has already been caught using PED's would be so stupid to try them again.  Eventually, you should just settle for your millions of dollars, and accept that you just can't play baseball anymore. 

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