Thursday, December 5, 2013

Did Cashman Get Boras'd Again?

The Yankees were very clear that they had learned their lesson about giving big money, long term contracts to players in their 30's.  They always come back to bite us, because we end up with a roster of unproductive, oft-injured players who are being paid for the production they had with their previous team.  That is why the Yankees would not go up to $200 million and 8 years for Cano.  It was a sensible response to the lessons learned from A-Rod, Pujols, Hamilton etc., and the Yankees were right to consider the impact of long term deals like those.  Then the Yankees signed Ellsbury.   The 30 year old outfielder got a 7 year deal worth $153 million deal.  But let's not forget the option year which would bring the deal to 8 years and $169 million.  So yes the Yankees had learned their lesson, until super agent Scott Boras came in.  Apparently, the same tricks that landed A-Rod and Teixeira their mega deals, were in play when Boras came to the Yankees peddling Ellsbury.  I don't know what was said in those meetings, but I don't doubt that Cashman walked out of those meetings believing that Ellsbury will be healthy, hit 30 homeruns in Yankee stadium, and be productive at age 38.  The Yankees are also apparently in on Scott Boras' other client Shin Soo Choo, because as we all know, we just don't have enough outfielders.  Is it possible that Boras' negotiation tactics include hypnotism and/or the mafia? 

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Anonymous said...

Now that you say so, it's got to be that Boras' bodyguards are paid by the mafia. What else could explain Ellsbury's sweet deal?