Thursday, December 12, 2013


The Mariners have officially introduced Cano to their fans, and they have this cool 'Hello Cano' logo with Cano's stance post-hit. Cano has grown out his beard, and while the Mariners may not yet be better than the Yankees, they clearly have a better graphics department (Yankees Universe anyone?). If the Yankees strategy of growing the farm system by overpaying free-agents instead continues, it's only a matter of time until the Mariners's graphics department has a baseball team they can be proud of.

Joba Chamberlain has agreed to underperform for 1-year for the Detroit Tigers. Who knows, maybe he'll have success there like Phil Coke. More likely, however, he'll continue to eat up way more food than quality innings.

The Yankees are looking at Omar Infante, but so far have been unwilling to budge from their 3-year offer. Since his name isn't Robinson Cano, expect the Yankees to budge.

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