Thursday, December 19, 2013

This Could Be Trouble

Nothing official yet, but reports are indicating that Tanaka will not be posted.  It makes sense.  With the new posting system, his home team would be receiving $20 million.  By contrast, Matsuzaka's former team got over $50 million under the old posting system.  A young ace phenom like Tanaka is worth more to his team than $20 million.  So it's looking like Tanaka won't be available to the outside world until maybe 2015 (if his team decides to part with him then), or in 2016 as a free agent.  This will work in our favor because at that point there will be no artificial budget caps, and they can do what they do best: spend, spend, spend.  If this is true, then the Yankees need to hope that Sabathia returns to form, Kuroda continues his dominance, Nova builds off of last season, and Pineda, Phelps, Nuno and anyone else can hold down the end of our rotation. 

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