Saturday, December 14, 2013

Yanks Miss Out on Infante after Disrespecting Cano, And Cashman Is in Denial

The collective hopes of Yankees' fans everywhere had settled on Omar Infante playing second base for us next year. It's not that we really wanted Infante, but he was kind of all that was left after we had made Cano cry and forced him to find solace in the arms of $240 million. That whore. Sorry. I'm still sort of bitter about the break-up I guess.

By the way, none other than Boston slugger David Ortiz agrees that the Yankees disrespected Cano, and since Ortiz is the principal authority in Yankee Land on all baseball related matters, I win.

We lost Infante over 1 year and $6 million, which is actually the Yankees' operating budget for second base in 2014.

That said, we'll probably need those $6 million to pay the medical bills when Jacoby Ellsbury inexplicably runs into a wall or another player attempting to field a ball he couldn't possibly reach anyways. He plays the game the right way: delusionally.

When asked about Ellsbury's injury history, Cashman seemed to act like his injuries were all freak accidents. This is kind of true, but some players attract freak injuries. Nick Johnson anyone? He broke his leg much the way Jacoby broke his ribs. Some guys just tend to find ever more unbelievable ways to end up on the DL. How many of Pavano's injuries were recurring and how many were weird, freak events? Some guys just break easy.

The Yankees may have passed on Infante in the hopes that Tanaka eventually gets posted, knowing that under the currently proposed posting system they will likely need to make a bigger contract offer to retain Tanaka than originally thought. I suggest this on the assumption that the Yankees have some rational thought process behind their roster building strategy this winter, and that Hal Steinbrenner isn't simply collecting outfielders because he's mad with power.


Rich Mahogany said...

I think the Red Sox disrespected Ellsbury. They wouldn't go to $100 million for him and the Yankees gave him $153 million. At least a $53 million difference = disrespect.

Roberto E. Alejandro said...

The Red Sox also publicly questioned Ellsbury's literacy, suggesting he doesn't read good.