Tuesday, January 21, 2014

A-Rod Article and a Random Thought

I came across this article about A-Rod's legacy that was interesting.  The basic premise of it is that in A-Rod's attempt to secure his legacy as one of baseball's best players, he irreversibly ruined it.  Mussina is quoted in the article from an interview done a number of years ago, and he made good sense.  He said that all of A-Rod's life, he's been told that he's the best player of his generation, then he moves to New York, and everyone's like "Yeah A-Rod's good, but he's no Jeter." and so this sentiment has deeply confused A-Rod.  Now A-Rod has surrounded himself with a team of well paid supporters who fight to keep him living in his deception.  In many ways, I feel sorry for the man.  I really do think he believes he's the victim here.

This could just be me, but I'm already losing interest in this roster.  We came into this off season with the promise of approaching team building in a new way, and instead the front office did what they've always done: over pay for players who are about to enter their decline.  Winning could always change this perception, but the truth is, I don't look at the Yankees roster and feel like it's a Yankees team.  Jeter's in his last year, and with Cano gone, and Mariano and Andy retired, who do we have?  Brett Gardner?  David Roberston?  Outside of seeing Jeter in his final year, there isn't much that's compelling about this team.  Maybe it'll feel different after spring training.  Maybe.

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Rich Mahogany said...

I've beaten to death the point that the Yankees can't develop players, but that's the reason the team lacks an identity.

The team has one homegrown outfielder, one (old) homegrown infielder, one (terrible) homegrown utility infielder, one (PED using) homegrown backup catcher, one homegrown starter, and one homegrown reliever.

Almost everyone else is an overpaid star or a scrap heap guy.