Sunday, January 12, 2014

Bosch Ruled More Credible than A-Rod

At the end of the day, what the Frederick Horowitz decision boils down to is that a confessed drug dealer is more credible than A-Rod. This should come as no surprise, since most drug dealers are pretty reliable when it comes to the subject of drugs and who purchased them. They tend to know a thing or two about that.

A-Rod's quest for vindication now moves to federal court, where some poor judge will have to read mounds of evidence that have already been reviewed by other qualified persons in separate proceedings just so she can make the same ruling Horowitz did.

My understanding is that A-Rod's legal team has prepared appeal documents for review by the Ruling Council of planet Krypton in the event a federal court does not rule their way. This council, best known for its conviction of General Zod, is largely considered an impartial arbiter whose imaginary nature makes it particular well suited to ruling on the issue of A-Rod's imaginary innocence.


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Rich Mahogany said...

Excessively punished, superhuman abilities, rhyming names - the parallels between ARod and Zod are eerie.

Fernando Alejandro said...

This may be the best take on this subject I've read thus far.