Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dodgers Fail to Insult Kershaw during Negotiations, Leading to Player Friendly Contract

The plan of Dodger's ownership to avoid insulting Clayton Kershaw has backfired miserably, saddling the club with the most expensive contract for a pitcher ever for the next 12-18 months. By agreeing to be held hostage by Kershaw, the Dodgers have done immeasurable damage to the league and the sport we so love.

Prior to negotiations, Kershaw had followed what is now known as the 'Kelley Protocol', threatening to sue the Dodgers in federal court if their arbitration offer was considered insulting, insulting being defined as anywhere south of the GDP of a medium-sized industrial nation (e.g. France). With many players now following the Kelley Protocol, it is perhaps only a matter of time until the Commissioner's office steps in, ends guaranteed contracts, and free agency altogether.

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Richard Perry said...

Citing the Kelley Protocol, Barry Bonds demanded a 10 year $434,997,666.666 contract, none of it defered plus a 'Bosh' and 'Justin Beiber' Provision. Bug Selig, fearing negative precident from the Shawn Kelley Precident and obscure 'Kelley' "Austin Peay' Statute delayed his decision citing conditions detremintal to Baseball and fears Kelley might invoke the 1988 Mooke Blaylock and Moses Scurry Act.