Thursday, January 9, 2014

Yanks Prepare Disrespectful Offer for Tanaka

Sorry we've been away folks, but there's been little to write about and lots of ninjas to fight. It happens.

With the Hall of Fame vote out of the way, baseball returns to actually pressing issues, like who will overpay Masahiro Tanaka and when will Fred Horowitz make his #$%*ing mind up already?

RJG has found out that the Yankees have been diligently preparing a highly insulting offer, including a non-roster invite to spring training. As a guest, not a player. Like when they let Yogi Berra hang out just because. Tanaka will, however, be expected to pay for his own parking. It will not be validated.

In other news, Fred Horowitz doesn't care how badly you want to know whether A-Rod will be suspended. He hasn't even read the briefs filed after the hearings officially ended. He's not even sober yet from his New Year's Eve bender. Deal with it.

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