Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cricket, Cricket

This has been one of the quietest off seasons in recent memory. Sure we signed some releivers, and that was cool for the 10 seconds it held our collective attention, but so far the off season has been about what we haven't done. No Cliff Lee, and now, the wide net that Cashman had set appears to have been so wide that he can't reel it in. A shame really, I was hoping that net had names like King Felix or Zack Grienke in it. But it is not meant to be. What we do have is 3 starters, one of which may or may not know how to pitch on any particular day. Our offense doesn't need an overhaul, but addressing the rotation was a huge need this off season. A need we haven't met. But alas, its close to New Years and we can't expect much to be done in the next few days. Do we enter the season with Sergio Mitre and Ivan Nova as our 4 and 5 guys? I doubt it. I have to agree that King Felix is the best option, but there's no telling if the Mariners would bite, even if we over pay. Here's hoping that now that Cashman's lost the ace up his sleeve he can still reach back far enough to pull out the king!


Hunter said...

Ha! That was a great line at the end. King Felix would be great, but I would settle for Andy Pettitte. I really hope that he chooses to come back.
What I would not want though would be for Cashman to reach too far into his sleeve, past the King, and grab the queen. Carl Pavano. Zing!
You guys do a great job with the blog, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

The only positive thing about bringing Pavano back to the Yankees would be RJG's ability to bring back the Pavano T-shirts.