Monday, August 29, 2011

Garcia Continues Surprising Season

The Good

Freddy Garcia won again, giving us six innings of one-run ball. Nick Swisher hit a two-run home run, the difference in the game. Granderson scored in the first inning on a double by Mark Teixeira. SoRoRa (SOriano, RObertson, and RiveRA) closed out the game, though they allowed a run in the eighth (way to go Robertson).

The Bad

Curtis Granderson hit no home runs today. Seriously, why does he even get out of bed in the morning?

The Ugly

The Yankees now head to Boston with momentum. They're mashing homers, scoring runs, catching balls, throwing balls, doing other baseball related activities. But that was the case the last time they headed to Boston, where they proceeded to lay down and play the role of doormat to a team that quite clearly terrifies them. Hopefully that doesn't happen again, but any notion that the Yankees have momentum heading into Boston is not simply stupid, it's ugly.

The Babies with Scabies

Swisher was the only player who even bothered to try today, hitting a home run in the fourth inning with Cano on base. $2 more for the babies.

Mark Teixeira 35hr = $70
Curtis Granderson 38hr = $76
Russell Martin 17hr = $34
Alex Rodriguez 14hr = $28
Jorge Posada 12hr = $24
Robinson Cano 23hr = $46
Andruw Jones 11hr = $22
Brett Gardner 5hr = $10
Nick Swisher 21hr = $42
Derek Jeter 4hr = $8
Francisco Cervelli 1hr = $2
Eduardo Nunez 4hr = $8
Ramiro Pena 1hr = $2
Eric Chavez 1hr = $2
Total = $374

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