Sunday, August 28, 2011


Let's face it, Burnett's been awful. Not regular awful, super awful. When a monster attacks a city of other awfuls, they look to Burnett to save them. That's how super awful he's been. At this point, there's no more "he's thrown well, he just doesn't have a lot to show for it." No more, "he's got electric stuff." He's not f$%&@#g Emperor Palpatine, his stuff is not electric. It's actually not very good; as demonstrated by the regularity with which Major League hitters end Burnett's day long before Girardi does. Now, some may say that Burnett has great stuff but he has to harness it. That sounds good, until you realize that pitching isn't like wind power. We can't build a dam in order to hold back Burnett and convert it into something useful; like an ERA in the 3s.

But Burnett isn't the only problem. Hughes has had one really good start since coming back from super extended Spring Training. At least when Colon gives us five innings it's because he's anxious to get back to his AARP bulletin and he's probably missed his nap. Right now we have a six man rotation with two ginormous question marks.

RJG has no choice but to make the following recommendation: come playoff time, Hughes and Burnett are not to be in the starting rotation. Burnett probably shouldn't be on the roster for that matter. This might upset him, but send him to the mall so he can distract himself with some of his $85M of non-earned cash (okay, he earned some of it in 2009).

You may be thinking that Colon in a playoff rotation is risky given his shoulder is held together by little more than HGH and the hope of every Yankees fan. You're right. But Colon would be a fourth starter in a playoff rotation; you could do far worse. But just in case, the Yankees may want to consider a nice 15-day DL stint for Mr. Colon, just to keep him fresh. Just say he hurt himself napping, no one will question you.

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We have lost 2 games against the Orioles. Do I need to say anything else?