Friday, August 5, 2011

Your Move Hughes

The Good

Ivan Fitzpatrick Nova. Yeah, that's his middle name. Nova pitched his best game of the season going 7.2 innings and striking out 10 while allowing just 1 run. Its fair to say that Nova is focused. Cano hit another homerun, as did Martin. With his two hits last night, Cano is the only regular batting over .300. Chavez had a pair of hits and is also above .300, but he missed the majority of the season with a broken foot. The Yankees need to harness the energy of the super nova and bring it into this series in Boston.

The Bad

Granderson and Teixeira combined to go 0-8 and are still behind Bautista's 33 homeruns. I hope they pick up their production in Boston.

The Ugly

Tonight the Yankees take on the Red Sox, a team they've gone 1-8 against this season. That's ugly.

Homers by the C and C Brothers

That's Cano and the Catcher. Their homeruns bring the Children's Health Fund $4 closer to their goal of attaining absolute health for all babies.

Mark Teixeira 31hr = $62
Curtis Granderson 28hr = $56
Russell Martin 12hr = $24
Alex Rodriguez 13hr = $26
Jorge Posada 9hr = $18
Robinson Cano 18hr = $36
Andruw Jones 6hr = $12
Brett Gardner 4hr = $8
Nick Swisher 14hr = $28
Derek Jeter 4hr = $8
Francisco Cervelli 1hr = $2
Eduardo Nunez 3hr = $6
Ramiro Pena 1hr = $2
Eric Chavez 1hr = $2
Total = $290


Rich Mahogany said...

The Yankees didn't allow a single walk this series. Considering that Burnett started one of the games, the only reasonable move for the White Sox is to DFA their entire lineup and start anew with fresh faces from local high schools and community colleges.

Fernando Alejandro said...

Don't forget the magnet schools.

anonymous # 2 said...

I believe Nova's middle name is actually Super.

Fernando Alejandro said...

It was, but then he was given a proper English name by immigration when he came to the states. I guess the immigration officer didn't notice that "Super" is an English word.